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Insanely Good Caesars You Have To Try In Edmonton

Caesars aka the tastier Bloody Mary.

Did you know that Caesars were created in Canada? And from Alberta, to be more exact. So, you can give yourself a pat on the back, because your love of Caesars can be seen as an example of your patriotism.

They also say that this drink is a great hangover cure--so perhaps your desperate search for this beverage may be out of necessity. Regardless of your reasons YEG, if you’re in the mood for this spicy, tomatoey, alcoholic beverage, you’ve got to check out these places in Edmonton! Like, now. Just go.

Note: List is in no particular order. Also, sometimes Caesars are served seasonally at a specific restaurant/bar (something to keep in mind).

Note 2: I did not include bigger chain restaurants (unless it was an Edmonton or solely Albertan chain--with the exception of the Canadian Brewhouse, because its largest presence is in Alberta). I also did not include hotel bars/kitchens.

Note 3: A great local Instagram account to follow if you're Caesar-obsessed is: @yegcaesars . Their Instagram contributions played a huge part in making this list possible.

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Tavern on Whyte // 10507 82 Ave NW

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O’ Byrne's Irish Pub // 10616 82 Ave NW

via @gizzmaster01

Ikki Izakaya // 11931 Jasper Ave

via @centralsocialhall

Central Social Hall // 10909 Jasper Ave

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Izakaya Tomo // 3739 99 St NW

via @yegcaesars

Lux Steakhouse & BAR94 // Commerce Place, 10150 101 St NW

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Malt & Mortar //10416 82 Ave

via @justin_dusablon

O2’s Tap House & Grill // 11026 Jasper Ave (multiple locations)

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Provincial Pub // 4211 106 St NW

via @yegcaesars

The Needle Vinyl Tavern // 10524 Jasper Ave

via @saramaimai

On The Rocks // 11740 Jasper Ave

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Average Joe’s Sports Bar // 240-390 Baseline Rd, Sherwood Park

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Rocky Mountain Icehouse // 10516 Jasper Ave

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Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar // 8232 Gateway Blvd

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The Rec Room // 1725-99th St NW

*owned by Cineplex and may become a bigger chain, but as of right now--it's only in Edmonton!

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Von’s Steakhouse & Oyster Bar // 10309 81 Ave NW

via @karengurl

Mercer Tavern // 10363 104 St NW

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Julio's Barrio Mexican Restaurant // 10450 82 Ave NW

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Hart's Table & Bar // 14229 23 Ave NW

via @samsonhd

Sugarbowl // 10922 88 Ave

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Kelly's Pub // 10156 104 St NW

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Nightjar YEG // 8130 Gateway Blvd

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Chartier //  5012 50 St #102, Beaumont

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Situation Brewing Co. //10308 81 Ave NW

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XIX Nineteen // 5940 Mullen Way (more than one location)

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Blue Plate Diner // 10145 104 St NW

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Stage 104 // 10190 104 St NW

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The Canadian Brewhouse // 10338 109 St (more than one location)

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Meat // 216 104 St NW

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Café Amore Bistro // 10807 106 Ave NW

via @alynakara

Ampersand | 27 // 10612 82 Ave NW

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El Cortez //  8230 Gateway Blvd

via @jchan.yeg

MKT Fresh Food | Beer Market // 8101 Gateway Blvd

via @yegcaesars

Local Public Eatery // 222 Baseline Rd #360, Sherwood Park (more than one location)

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Lazia Asian Kitchen // 16049 97 St NW

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The Next Act Pub // 8224 104 St NW

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Denizen Hall // 10311 103 Ave

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Black Pearl Seafood Bar // 10132 104 St NW

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Bistecca Italian Steakhouse & Wine Bar // Century Park, 2345 111 St NW

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Sorrentino's // 10162 100 St NW (multiple locations)

*Also owns several other restaurants including Bistecca (shown above)

via @yegcaesars

The Sherlock Holmes Pubs // 10012 101A Avenue NW (multiple locations)

via @yegcaesars

The Cask & Barrel // 10041 104 St NW

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Delux Burger Bar // 9682 142 Street (multiple locations)

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Franco's Pizza & Steakhouse // 12881 50 St (multiple locations)

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Brewsters Brewing Company // 11620 104th Avenue (multiple locations)

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Crown & Anchor Pub // 15277 Castle Downs Rd NW

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Daravara // 10713 124 St NW

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BLVD Bar x Kitchen // 10765 Jasper Ave

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The Hat // 10251 Jasper Ave

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The Underground Tap & Grill // 10004 Jasper Ave

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Shakers Roadhouse // 15004 Yellowhead Trail

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Liz's Homestyle Grill // 8930 Jasper Ave #120

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1st Rnd // 11248 104 ave (multiple locations)

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The Pourhouse Bistro & Taproom // 10354 82 Ave NW

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Hudsons Canada's Pub // 10307 82 Ave NW (multiple locations)

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The Pint // 10125 109 St (multiple locations)

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The Common // 9910 109 St NW

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Beer Revolution // 11736 104 Ave NW

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The Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar // 10334 108 St

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Duggan's Boundary Irish Pub //  9013 88 Ave NW

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Muggn'z Grill  // 6655 178 St NW #412

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Pub 1905 // 10525 Jasper Ave

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Bodega Tapas & Wine Bar // 10220 103 St NW

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