Meeting someone famous is supposed to be an exciting experience. But recently at an Edmonton Oilers meet and greet, one young fan was less than enthused and was sure to demonstrate how disappointed he really was. During the Connor McDavid autograph signing, a video was taken of a kid throwing his Oilers jersey into the water after the player wouldn’t sign it. 

On Monday, January 27, an open practice and meet and greet was held at the West Edmonton Mall.

Tons of the Oilers players were there including Edmonton's sweetheart, Connor McDavid. 

The autograph signing had tons of people come through, especially young aspiring hockey players and huge fans. 

One of them was an Edmonton boy who was very eager to get his personal McDavid jersey signed. 

But things did not go as planned. After waiting in line, the young fan got to the front of the line and in front of McDavid. 

To the kid's disappointment, he was told that McDavid would not be able to sign the jersey. 

In what is probably the funniest dramatic gesture ever, the child proceeds to throw his jersey into the massive body of water at the West Edmonton Mall. 

We aren’t making this up and to prove it, you can watch the video for yourself. 

In the clip originally posted on YouTube, you can see the child walking up to the booth to meet the hockey star. 

The caption underneath the video states that the massive hockey star would not sign the jersey at the event as he had strict rules he needed to follow.

Narcity reached out to the Edmonton Oilers and Connor McDavid for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

“The event did have rules stating that Connor would only be signing personalized player cards provided by Upper Deck and would not sign anything from outside,” explained the caption. 

Since it was a sponsored event, no outside merch could be signed and the kid was not pleased by this. 

In an absolute fit of rage, the young boy took his jersey and literally tossed it into the same body of water that houses a massive display pirate ship. 

Even though tons of adults, including McDavid, saw the scene, no one seemed concerned which adds to the humour of the entire thing. 

This video is slowly gaining views and we can see why.

This kid is big 2020 energy and we are here for it. 

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