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You Need To Go To These 14 Edmonton Restaurants To Satisfy Your Taco Cravings

Taco Tuesday? How about tacos every day?
You Need To Go To These 14 Edmonton Restaurants To Satisfy Your Taco Cravings

Tacos. There are no words to aptly describe how happy they make me. And considering they show up on the menus of countless restaurants in YEG, I know many of you feel the same way as I do.

Due to the versatility of this Mexican dish, many places take the liberty of putting their own unique spin on the traditional taco. But whether it's classicly prepared or not, a well-made taco is always a treat for your taste buds. So, I’ve gathered a list of restaurants that serve their own tasty version of this dish, so you can satisfy your taco cravings (and not just on Tuesdays…cause I get that the alliteration is cute, but let’s not limit ourselves here). ???

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Tres Carnales Taqueria // 10119 100A St NW

For authentic Mexican street food, Tres Carnales Taqueria is always a great choice (like a super great choice or possibly the best choice you've ever made) . The traditional tacos you can get here are packed full of flavour. It's an exciting culinary experience that no one should miss out on (unless you don't like tacos--wait, why are you reading this article then?).

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Rostizado // 10359 104 St #102

This isn't your average taco joint. Rostizado has made its presence well known in Edmonton (from the same guys that brought you Tres Carnales Taqueria). They have also made their presence well known to my nose-- as I can't walk by this place without smelling the delicious magic happening inside here. They take traditional Mexican fare and give it a bit of a twist. It's an elevated Mexican cuisine experience that is best enjoyed family-style. If you haven't been here already, you're really missing out on something spectacular.

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Acajulta Restaurant // 11302 107 Ave

This restaurant provides diners with an authentic Salvadoran culinary adventure. The experience feels like you've been invited to someone's home for their grandmother's cooking--an invite you will be happy to accept. You can really tell that the dishes here are made with a lot of heart.

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Café Mosaics // 10844 82 Ave NW

This is definitely not your traditional taco. Cafe Mosaics whipped up this vegetarian-friendly "toona" wonton taco. I really felt this deserved to be here because the flavours blend so well together. It's a very fun twist on the average taco!

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Huma Mexican Comfort // 9880 63 Ave NW

This eatery never disappoints. The food is delicious and will definitely satisfy your taco cravings. The atmosphere is bright and cheery. They are definitely worth a visit!

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Glass Monkey // 5842 111 St NW

You really need to try the fish tacos here. They will hit the spot. Enough said.

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Noorish Conscious Eatery // 8440 109 St NW

This is another version of the taco that is a spin on the traditional dish. It's a raw taco made with walnut taco meat. It packs a big flavour punch! You will be very happy you tried this out. And your taco-loving taste buds will thank me.

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El Cortez Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar // 8230 Gateway Blvd.

If you're in the mood for tacos and a great vibe, El Cortez is a wonderful choice. And you know what goes great with tacos? Tequila! And boy, they certainly have no shortage of tequila options here. El Cortez is always a good time (sort of like me, some would say--just kidding, no one says that).

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Julio’s Barrio Mexican Restaurant // 10450 82 Ave NW

With a large, lively atmosphere and friendly service (not to mention daily drink specials), Julio's is a restaurant that you can count on to satisfy your taco cravings.

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Calle Mexico // 11127 107 Ave (and a food truck, available seasonally)

Serving authentic Mexican food on-the-go, Calle Mexico is a food truck you should keep your eyes opened for, especially when your taco-hunger kicks in. But they also have a restaurant when the weather isn't as food-truck friendly (i.e. most of the year in Edmonton). So don't worry folks, you can still enjoy their delicious tacos in the dead of winter.

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The Three Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant // 10247 Jasper Ave

With it's bright and delightfully cheerful atmosphere, Three Amigos offer the kind of tacos you've been thinking about all day (cause we all daydream about tacos right? It can't just be me).

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Sailin’ On // Food Truck (but menu items also available at the Buckingham year-round)

This Vegan food truck serves up delicious taco options for the meatless taco lover. They taste absolutely amazing. It's a definite must-try. It should be noted that the Buckingham on Whyte Ave. serves food from Sailin' On as well, so again, you don't have to lose out on anything when the weather gets colder.

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El Rancho Spanish Restaurant // 11810 87 St NW

You need to try this place out. Your taco cravings will be satiated. You will be happy and full. So much yum.

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