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This New Edmonton Haunted House Is The Nightmare You’ll Want To Experience

How can you take a haunted house experience and make it even scarier? Well, you add a little Virtual Reality (VR) to it, and all of a sudden the possibilities take on a whole new level! In the same building as the Edmonton Paintball Centre/Laser City Tag, lies the ‘Hospital of Horror VR Haunted House’. Unlike with other haunted houses, this one is not constrained by what is physically possible. So you’re bound to experience something new. Something terrifying. Something exciting. To attend, you must be over the age of 14, and you need to bring a buddy (probably to pick you up after you faint from being SO scared, you know…moral support of that kind).

So grab a friend (a brave one) and buy your tickets in advance. You will not regret this (or you will, in the case that you need to sleep with the lights on afterwards…who knows). Regardless, Hospital of Horror will be an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

When: October 18 - 31st

Where: 10010 107A Ave.

Price: $25.00

Why: So you can have an awesome time facing your fears.

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