The sun sets and rises every day, so it’s no wonder that we take it for granted. And yet, sunsets can be one of the most magnificent things you can watch. There’s something absolutely spellbinding about the city slowly going to sleep,  while all our surroundings are blanketed in gorgeous orange and pink hues.

Ultimately, it’s a sight that we should take the time to appreciate. And luckily for all of us in Edmonton, we have one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sunset—a mere 35 km east of the city. Elk Island National Park. A wonderful spot for an incredible view.

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The sunset is especially magnificent here, because it’s far enough away from the city, and isn’t as affected by artificial lighting.

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It’s home to a variety of wildlife, including bison, birds and—as the name suggests, elks. This is an absolute oasis for wildlife enthusiasts.

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Even though it’s a short drive from the city, you truly get the sense that you’ve traveled to a whole other world. Upon entering the park, you’re immediately made aware of the calm and serenity that engulfs this entire place. It’s a great way to unwind from your day. The views here are magical! Particularly over Astotin Lake (don’t worry—there are signs to get to this area once you enter the park).

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So, head out to Elk Island one evening, and make sure you go there in time for the sunset (a quick google search will give you a time estimate). And if you can’t get there in time, head out much later, and you may even get a glimpse of the Northern Lights (depending on the time of year). It’s something that every Edmontonian should experience.