Over 200K People Joined Dan Levy For Indigenous Studies & You Can Still Take The Class

The University of Alberta class is online and totally free!

Back in August, Dan Levy announced on Twitter that he'd signed up for a class called Indigenous Canada through the University of Alberta. 

He invited everyone to join him in signing up, sharing that he would be hosting weekly discussions and question sessions with the professors. 

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An Alberta Prof Who Just Won The Nobel Prize Got A Major Shoutout From Justin Trudeau

He won for the coolest reason!

As the great Bill Nye once said: "science rules." A professor from the University of Alberta has been declared a Nobel Prize winner and Trudeau is the proudest papa around. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a message of congratulations to Dr. Michael Houghton.

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'My Daughter Deserves Justice' Mother Of 13-Year-Old Murder Victim Speaks Out

The victim knew the accused killer.

Police are still investigating an Edmonton murder that involves a young victim and accused killer. Sierra Chalifoux-Thompson, 13, was attacked and killed on the night of Friday, October 2 while she was walking in the north end of the city. Now her family and police are trying to piece together what led up to such a tragic event.

Angela Chalifoux, Sierra's mom, told Narcity that her family is devastated and want answers.

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This Alberta Teen's Super Unusual Skill Got Her Featured On 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'

"I was inspired by other girls I saw on the internet."

If you have an unusual skill you don't think the world will ever appreciate, don't you worry. 

An Edmonton teen's unconventional talents have gotten her featured on Ripley's Believe It Or Not

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Alphonso Davies Came To Canada As A Refugee & Now He Makes Multi-Millions

The 19-year-old's story is so inspiring!

If you need to be inspired today, look no further! This Canadian soccer superstar came to Canada as a 5-year-old refugee and has gone on to break countless sporting records. Oh, and Alphonso Davies' salary is now estimated to be around $5 million per season.

On Sunday, August 23, 19-year-old Alphonso Davies broke records by becoming the first and only male Canadian soccer player to lift the Champions League Final cup.

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Edmonton Musician Behind The Viral 'Speaking Moistly' Remix Says It's 'Such A Privilege'

But he did not speak moistly.

What started as an innocent blunder by Trudeau during a press conference soon exploded into the hit new summer anthem. Then came all the covers and dance movements inspired by one simple phrase. We spoke with the creator of Speaking Moistly to understand why this song was created, and why it became such a triumph.

"The joy of seeing people enjoy it has really been the best part," said Edmonton-based musician Brock Tyler.

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