Milkshake lovers, you need to try this new spot in the city. Popular chain Peters' Drive-In opened in Edmonton so now you can get your juicy burgers and creamy shakes to go. For their opening, the new restaurant certainly drew a crowd, with lineups around the block.

Over the weekend of Friday, May 7 the new drive-in location has a steady lineup, with it at times reaching nearly 100 cars in length. Despite the long waits for the drive-through, it beats going all the way to Calgary for your Peters' Drive-In fix.

Without a doubt, when you go here, you need to try one of the milkshakes. They have a jaw-dropping 4500 flavours to pick from.

One good thing about the current long lines ups is you'll have plenty of time to debate which of the drool-worthy options you'll want to try. Will it be Pina Colada, maple walnut, or perhaps Oreo?

According to the company, it would take 87 years to try every flavour. Who is up for the delicious challenge to try them all Once summer arrives, this is going to be where you want to stop for a frosty way to cool down.

One twitter user said that the street was "backed up with over 100 cars deep," and the lineup does look wild.

But you might be wondering, why all the hype for a drive-thru? 

Shakes are made using real fruit and ice cream, so they are super creamy. Plus, they won't break the bank, as each one is $5.25.

On the menu, you'll find tons of other delicious comfort food too.

For example, you'll want to get your hands on their burgers. They are available as either veggie or Canada grade 'A' ground chuck patties. 

If you are famished, there is even the triple cheeseburger that is a tower of burger patties. It is so massive you might not be able to fit it in your mouth.

Currently, the new location is only open for drive-through in response to COVID-19, so you can get your meal to go.

Peters' Drive-In

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Burgers and milkshakes

Address: 5151 Calgary Trail N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: They have thousands of delicious milkshake flavours to try.