The Internet is freaking out after seeing a photo of an Edmonton couple kissing behind a dead lion that they shot and killed. The photo was posted online and has since been taken down by the original posters due to the backlash. However, there are still copies of the viral image on the Internet. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes images of a dead animal.

An Alberta couple is now facing intense backlash over a photo that was posted online. In the photo, you can see a husband and wife kissing behind a large, dead lion that they allegedly shot and killed. 

According to Global News, the couple shot the lion while they were on a hunting trip in South Africa. The photo has since gone viral and people are furious about what they are seeing. 

The image was first posted by Legelela Safari's Facebook page. According to their website, they are a company that helps people conduct hunts all over South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. 

Their website states that you can shoot and kill a wide range of animals including baboons, elephants, hippos, zebras, and rhinos. Each animal comes with a different price tag, with some costing upwards of $3,000 to kill. 

The company originally posted the photo on their Facebook page, but following the backlash, the entire page has been taken down. 

Global News has stated that the photo included a caption that identified the couple as Carolyn and Darren Carter of Alberta. It is unclear who shot the lion. 

The caption allegedly read “Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun… wet doe. A monster lion.” While it is a shock to many, big-game hunting like this is legal under South African law. 

According to Darren’s personal Facebook page, they own and operate Solitude Taxidermy. In a tweet posted on June 26, 2019, they stated that they were back in South Africa for part two of their safari. They even mention Legelela Safaris in the tweet. 

Since the photo has been posted online, people have been expressing their rage. Many are calling out the couple and companies like Legelela Safaris, saying big game hunting should not be a sport. 

Twitter users are also calling the couple's actions disgusting and cowardly. Others are saying that they are fine with hunting, if it is for a purpose such as to provide food and clothing. 

This is not the only photo that people may find shocking. According to Legelela Safari's website, there is an entire gallery of big-game hunting photos that include the hunters and their kill. 

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