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There's A Huge Poutine Festival Coming To Edmonton And It's Every Foodie's Dream

If there's one positive thing about winter, it's that it is the prime time to enjoy comfort food. Soups, stews, pies, and ANYTHING with gravy.

Speaking of gravy, it's the best time to enjoy poutine. Ah yes, if the glorious mix of crisp fries, gravy and melted curds of cheese had a "peak season" it would be winter. 

So in the name of comfort food everywhere and one of Canada's best-done dishes, the citizens of Edmonton have no excuse to miss out on the city's very first 'La Poutine Week'! It's a weeklong festival that takes place all across Canada.

From February 1st to 6th, you can take part in the festivities and visit six different restaurants to try whatever crazy and unique flavour they have to offer. Standouts of the roster include: The Canadian Brewhouse, with French Onion Poutine; Why Not: Cafe and Bar, with "Ducktot" poutine; and On The Rocks Kitchen + Drink, with Maple Boar Bacon Poutine. 

After trying them all - or as many as you can humanely handle - it's up to you to visit and vote for your favourites. After that, may the best poutine win! 

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