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These 2 Canadian Provinces Will Get Hit By Snow This Week And We're Shocked

Summer feels like it was just yesterday... because oh wait, summer isn't even actually over. The official end for the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere is coming up on Saturday, September 22. 

And yet, the weather in Canada is doing its own thing, because it will already be snowing in not one, but two, provinces this week. So much for an Indian summer, Canada. Meanwhile, in Toronto, they are still experiencing 20 something degree celsius weather. 

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Summer in Alberta and Saskatchewan is officially cancelled. Both provinces are forecasted to have snow this week. 

Alberta is expected to experience between five and 10 centimetres of snowfall, with some regions getting even more than that, according to Environment Canada. The snowy weather will be making its way to the west-central region of Alberta, between Grande Prairie and Jasper, mid-week on Wednesday. The snow may move down towards Banff by Thursday morning. 

According to Global, Saskatchewan will also be seeing some white flurries this Wednesday. Snow will hit regions in the northern parts of the province northern, starting early on Wednesday and continuing until Thursday. 

Well so long to summer and hot weather, it's been nice while it lasted. 

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