Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know that charcoal EVERYTHING is sooooo in right now. Whether it's charcoal burgers, charcoal waffles, or even charcoal cookie dough, the Internet just absolutely loves charcoal food (millenials am i right). Why you ask? I have absolutely no idea. But hey, why not capitalize on the craze and try out a new food item whie also sprucing up your instagram?

The newest charcoal craze that is taking Edmonton by storm is charcoal waffle cones. They look so freaking cool and literally pitch black. As for taste? You definitely won't be disappointed in that department either. Seriously, just look at these glorious ice cream cones..

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They can be found at Yelo'd, a Filipino and Asian inspired ice cream and baked goods shop. This brand new spot is going to be your new summer hang out spot, guaranteed.

With cool and interesting ice cream flavours that you can put into your charcoal cones, you will likely be able to try something completely and entirely new to you! Some of their flavours include Matcha, Ube, and Buko (which includes activated charcoal so you can really get your charcoal fix). 

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It's the perfect treat to cool you down on a beautiful sunny summer day (like today!). Your IG followers will all be extremely jealous, and will think you're a total #yegfoodie. 

Need to go grab some? Head on down to Yelo'd at 10150A 82 Ave NW today and get your charcoal fix!