Do you have a sweet tooth? Is dessert your favourite meal of the day? Would you rather indulge in chocolate than in cheese? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions and you live in the glorious, glorious city of Edmonton, you are in grave danger...

...of becoming addicted to these affordable AF yet still totally delicious doughnuts. To be honest even just looking at these photos you'll probably become addicted. So I challenge you - throughout the remainder of this article, try to not crave doughnuts, drool, or reach for the car keys. Good luck my friends. 

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Don't do it! Don't think about that sweet, sweet first bit into that soft and sticky circle of heaven. Don't think about the sugary coating and decadent taste, the warm sensation as it slips down your throat. Don't think about the best part of eating a doughnut - licking your fingers once you're done it!

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Alright, alright, I'll stop torturing you and just tell you where you can get the dang delicious things. These utterly amazing doughnuts are from Doughnut Party, the coolest doughnut spot in Edmonton. I mean seriously, look at the place:

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Let me give you the low-down. Doughnut Party is located at 10938-119 St, and is open until sold out (so get there early to secure your doughnut). For information on opening times, click here