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This Bake Shop In Edmonton Will Transport You Straight To Paris

Skip the expensive plane ticket, come here instead!

Ah, Paris. Walking along the Seine, visiting the sparkling Eiffel Tower at night, eating your weight in macarons - all of it is absolutely perfect. If you love Paris and everything about it but can't afford a plane ticket there, I have the perfect solution for you. 

There is a bake shop right here in Edmonton that will fulfill your craving for Paris while not breaking the bank or taking up your vacation days. The interior has a bright, regal, and contemporary Parisian feel. Not to mention their desserts are absolutely delicious!

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Their desserts are almost too pretty to eat ... keyword *almost*. There is so much care and attention put into every individual pastry, sandwich, and drink that you will truly feel like royalty when you come here. 

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Their macarons are definitely the highlight of the bake shop, and will truly take you to heaven. Also, I think everyone can agree that macarons are definitely the most adorable and pretty little desserts on the planet. They're also SO satisfying to crunch into, am I right??

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The bakery is called Duchess Bake Shop, and it's definitely your new favourite Sunday morning spot. They're located at 10718 124 St in Edmonton. For information on their hours and to browse their delicious menu, click here