Buying your own house seems like an impossible feat for many in Canada. However, not all hope has to be lost, because one Canadian did something completely unexpected and is offering a house for free. 

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Adam Morris, a developer in Edmonton who works for Copperblock Capital, is hoping to give away a house for free, according to Global News. The company bought a property in Alberta with the intention of tearing down the house and rebuilding on the lot. However, when he saw the house in person, he couldn't bring himself to waste it. 

"We bought it last year with the intention of tearing it down," Morris told Global News. "After viewing it and seeing what a beautiful house it was, we thought it was probably better to give it away to somebody that really needs it as opposed to sending yet another house to the landfill". 

Giving the house away for free would be a win-win situation for both the new homeowner and the developer. The former walks away with a free, constructed house while the latter saves on demolition costs. It would also be more environmentally conscious. 

The house is 900 square feet and consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom, according to Global News

If you do want the house, you are going to have to move the house yourself. Robert Hanna, the owner of Triple H Building Movers, estimates that it will cost around $60,000 to move the house. It is a sizable sum, but not much considering how much an average house costs in Edmonton. Plus, both Morris and Hanna have also said that they are willing to help cover moving costs if someone is in need. 

"My hope is to find somebody who can spend another 20 to 25 years in this house and really enjoy it. It’s not at the end of its life," Morris told Global NewsThis marks the first time the developer has ever done something like this. You can find out more information on Morris's company

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Source: Global News