Picture this. It's a chilly summer day, the wind is whirling and it's steadily raining outside. Every so often a soft rumble of thunder booms outside. You're tucked inside a soft-lit, cozy cafe with a steaming latte and a baked good on a plate. There's some smooth jazz playing quietly in the background and you're reading your favourite book.

Sound enticing? Well we've found the perfect Edmonton cafe to carry out this dream of an afternoon. It's called Block 1912, and you merely need to look at a couple photos to see why it rocks. 

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They have an adorable little library nook, with a "take a book, leave a book" policy. How freaking cute is that!! If you're a total bookworm like me, these types of mini-libraries are what you live for. 

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 Another cool thing about this cafe is that you never know what you're going to find. Whether it's nestled in the brick wall or inside one of the table drawers, you're bound to find little notes left by previous visitors. It's like travelling back in time! 

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They also have some super photo-worthy LED signs that just beg for an Instagram. Coffee shop photoshoots are a girl's best friend, am I right? 

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Have you fallen in love yet? I know I have. Head on down to Block 1912 on the next rainy day and cozy up with a warm drink, a book, and some sweets. They're located at 10361 Whyte Ave NW, and are open 9am-midnight most nights.

P.S. They also have ice cream for those non-rainy warm summer days!