This Edmonton Woman Took A Thief Out For Coffee And It's The Most Canadian Thing Ever

Sooooooo Canadian.
This Edmonton Woman Took A Thief Out For Coffee And It's The Most Canadian Thing Ever

Everyone around the world has heard the stereotypes surrounding Canadians; we're very friendly, say "sorry" too much, and love hockey. While this may not hold true for every Canadian you meet, it's hard to deny that it's pretty accurate, especially the friendly part.

When you're reading the news, it's not uncommon to come across stories of Canadians who have wound up in really weird situations, but have totally managed to make the best of them, much like an Edmonton woman last week!

Tess Aboughoushe was heading out from her chiropractor appointment last Wednesday when she heard a scream that caused her adrenaline to take over. Her attention turned to a struggle down the street, where a man was struggling with a woman to steal her purse. Aboughoushe instantly went after him, chasing the thief for two blocks until she found him hunched over in an alley, sobbing.

If you think this story is strange now, just wait. The thief proceeded to give the wallet back to the woman, who Aboughoushe then hugs, and wishes a happy Valentine's Day.

As the thief would later explain, it turns out that he had come to visit Edmonton with his Calgarian friends, and they left him stranded with no money, so, as one does, he turned to purse thievery in order to get by.

Most sensible people would report this crime to the police and move on with their lives, but I guess Aboughoushe was feeling the love this Valentine's Day and decided to take the man out to coffee at Credo, and then directed him to the local library so he could hopefully get the help he needs. 

Of course, Aboughoushe did later report the crime to the police, not to see the thief get punished, but rather, to make sure everything turns out okay for him. Talk about fulfilling Canadian stereotypes!

Source: CBC Edmonton

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