Now that school's over and summer's here, you may be wondering what the best way to spend your days may be. Some say reading a book, going for a walk, going on a road trip, or hanging out with friends. We, on the other hand, say you should do nothing other than go on a donut crawl.

Donuts are a seriously amazing sweet treat, and in Edmonton, there's no shortage of them! The city creates some seriously cool flavours that you can only dream of, and you have to test them out ASAP:

Destination 1: Take 5

Where: 11801 48 Street NW

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Take 5 has often been said to have the best donuts in Edmonton, so why would you start your donut crawl anywhere else?! The cozy little spot is open from early in the morning to later in the evening, so you can satisfy your donut cravings all day long!

Destination 2: Doughnut Party

Where: 10938 119 Street NW

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With their bright neon sign, this spot is practically begging to be Instagrammed! Doughnut Party is home to plenty of gourmet donuts, including flavours like Birthday Cake, Caramel Macchiato, and Chocolate Matcha!

Destination 3: Destination Doughnuts

Where: 10548 124 Street

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If you want your donuts to look as good as they taste, you can't miss out on Destination Doughnuts! They're always coming up with new crazy flavours, like donuts topped with potato chips, chocolate and caramel, or s'mores!

Destination 4: Ohana Donuterie

Where: 10347 80 Ave

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This spot is like a little taste of Hawaii here in Edmonton. The cafe itself has super cute beachy vibes, and the Hawaiian style donuts will taste like a little slice of heaven on a hot summer day.

Destination 5: Hazeldean Bakery

Where: 9627 66 Ave NW

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If you've got a craving for good, classic donuts, Hazeldean Bakery is the spot to go! They've got all your favourites like Boston Cream, Jelly Filled, and Sprinkle Top for super great prices.

Destination 6: The Shed at The Rec Room

Where: Various locations

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If you find yourself at the Rec Room, they've got some pretty awesome donuts there! After spending a day playing all your favourite games and drinking, you'll defs want to chow down on a donut!