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This Is What Canada's First Ever Public, Man-Made, Natural Swimming Pool Looks Like (Photos)

The Borden Natural Swimming Pool's water is compared to a lake.
This Is What Canada's First Ever Public, Man-Made, Natural Swimming Pool Looks Like (Photos)

Remember when you were a kid having the best time ever at your neighbourhood's swimming pool? The magic was completely ruined when you visited the place as an adult, and discovered the pool wasn't that clear, that green and smelled like chlorine and maybe even urine. 

Well, we're in 2018 now, and it was about time for someone to invent a system that's wayyyyy more clean and chemical-free. Canada's first-ever natural swimming pool opened last week in Edmonton, Alberta, and wow, it looks amazing. 

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The place called The Borden Natural Swimming Pool cost $14.4 million, according to the National Post. It was worth every penny, because the water purification system that uses plants and many filters allow the water to stay completely turquoise and clear. The pool manager told The Edmonton Sun that swimming in the basin was like swimming in a lake. 

The only downfall is that the pool located in Borden Park must stay kind of cold (22°C/ 73°F) to avoid the formation of pathogens that can cause disease, associated with warmer waters. 

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The only other natural public swimming pool in North America is located in Minneapolis (Webber pool). The Borden project was first pitched in 2010, 8 years before the opening date. 

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The admission is completely free! It's important to note that people that are sick cannot swim in the pool, and same for those with open wounds. Swimmers must take a shower before jumping in the water, and must wear phosphate free sunscreen. 

You can visit the official website if you want to read more about how the water stays clean.

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