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This Map Will Take You On An Epic Burger Crawl Of Edmonton

Read this and try not to drool. I dare you.
This Map Will Take You On An Epic Burger Crawl Of Edmonton

Are you the type of person who orders a burger nearly every time you go to a restaurant? Or maybe you're just in need of the perfect cheat day activity to satisfy your craving for a greasy hunk of meat sandwiched between two glorious crispy buns with overflowing toppings. 

Destination 1: Five Guys Burgers And Fries

Where: 0161 13 Ave NW

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If you don't have a ton of time, this is the perfect gourmet fast food joint to grab a burger on the go. They are some of the most satisfying burgers you will ever eat, there's just something about them that is freaking delicious. If you haven't tried this franchise yet, you NEED to.

Destination 2: The Burger Joint

Where: 9132 23 Ave NW

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These mile-high burgers are definitely something you need to cross off your Edmonton bucket list. They may get a little messy and your jaw may be slightly sore afterwards, but the key is to smoosh it all down as best as you can before diving in.

Destination 3: The Next Act

Where: 8224 104 St NW

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This is the perfect pub to grab a classic burger and a beer after a long days work on a hot summer evening. My recommendation: the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang is honestly one of the best burgers I've ever had the privilege of scarfing down.

Destination 4: Sugarbowl

Where: 10922 88 Ave NW

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This restaurant is so good that it was even featured on The Food Network's "You Gotta Eat Here!". To get the full experience, try their lamb and goat cheese burger, it's to DIE for. Top off your visit with a delectable cinnamon bun too!

Destination 5: Highlevel Diner

Where: 10912 88 Ave NW

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Honestly just looking at this burger my mouth is salivating and I'm thinking about hopping in the car. They are also quite well known for their delicious veggie burgers, so everyone can get in on the burger action! They also serve homemade ketchup and beet relish which you definitely need to try.

Destination 6: The Underground Tap & Grill

Where: 10004 Jasper Ave

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If you visit this pub, try the Buckin' Bison Burger for an authentic Albertan experience. They also have great deals on flights of beer, so you can have the perfect assortment of beverages to go along with your burger adventure!

Destination 7: Blue Plate Diner

Where: 10145 104 St NW

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This is another restaurant that is super well known for their veggie burgers, so grab your vegetarian friends and tell them they have no excuse they're coming along for the Burger Crawl. Everything on their menu, burgers included, is a winner, so you can't go wrong if you eat here.

Destination 8: The Canadian Brewhouse

Where: 10338 109 St NW

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Pictured above is the Rita Challenge. Basically if you can finish their 6-patty burger plus the large poutine on the side, your meal is totally free (plus you get a shirt). Keep in mind that if you're planning on attempting this, you might want to keep this burger outing separate from the crawl!

Destination 9: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Where: 11215 104 Ave NW

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When you hear the words "gourmet burgers", you know it's gotta be totally amazing. Spoiler alert - it is. These are some of the best burgers in town, and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied. My recommendation: try their Whiskey River BBQ Burger. You're welcome.

Destination 10: Deluxe Burger Bar

Where: 9682 142 St NW

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I don't know about you, but any burger that is loaded with onion rings and bacon is a burger that I will devour in 5 minutes flat. They even have a burger that has lobster on it if you're feeling really boujee. If you're drooling as much as I am looking at this photo, then get in the car and get moving.

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