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This Map Will Take You On An Epic Ice Cream Crawl Of Edmonton

Summer is finally here (ish?), well, close enough. Close enough that I'm starting to crave ice cream basically every day, I don't know about you. Good thing that Edmonton is jam-packed full of tasty frozen eats. There are SO many options for an ice cream craver like myself to choose from. 

Whether you're in the mood for ice cream (rolled or balled), gelato, or frozen yogurt, this map will take you on an epic ice cream crawl of our lovely city.

Here's the map:

Buckle up folks, we're going to flavour town:

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1. Scoop N' Roll // 3414 Gateway Blvd

Our journey begins at Scoop N' Roll. This brightly coloured food truck serves up some excellent rolled ice cream, because you know, ice cream tastes better when it's rolled.

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2. 80 Flavours Premium Ice Cream // 4025 Gateway Blvd

Does this place actually offer 80 flavours to choose from? Find out for yourself and see how high you can get your cone stacked at this tasty ice cream shop.

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3. Sweet Jesus // Southgate Centre, 5015 111 St

This infamous ice cream shop has gone viral in the last couple years, and is definitely the place to go if you're looking for a decked out cone to Instagram.

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4. What's The Scoop // 10329 82 Ave NW

This adorable little shop repaints the colours of its walls so often that you never know what it might be next time you go. It's the perfect spot to get a classic cone (or cup, if that's the way you roll) of the good stuff.

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5. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt // 10420 82 Avenue

This frozen yogurt shop lets you pick tons of toppings to go on top of your fro-yo, which makes it just as much of an experience as a meal!

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6. Dairy Queen // 11136 82 Ave NW

Who could construct an ice cream map and not put a classic like DQ on the list? Nothing is better than their chocolate dipped cones or their totally tasty blizzards.

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7. Menchie's Frozen Yogurt // 8705 109 St NW

This frozen yogurt shop, like Tutti Frutti, lets you totally deck out your flavour with oodles of toppings (although this one has more options to choose from)!

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8. La Carraia // 10067 109 St NW

This shop will transport you straight to Florence with their fresh gelato. They offer flavours such as Lemon, Pistachio, and Orange Chocolate, as well as some specialty Italian flavours you definitely need to check out.

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9. Marble Slab Creamery // 10156 109 St NW

Have you ever built your own ice cream? Well that's exactly what "the slab" lets you do. Choose your base flavour, then choose your mixins and watch as the ice cream artist transforms it into your very own creation.

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10. PA Peterson Ice Cream // 16320 95 Ave NW

A classic Edmonton staple to finish off the list is PA Peterson Ice Cream. If you're looking for a simplistic yet absolutely delicious ice cream, this is your final destination.

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