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This Map Will Take You To All The Best Bubble Tea Spots In Edmonton

Let's get this par-tea started!

Summer is here, and with that comes those scorching hot 30 degree days where all you can do is just lay by a pool or lake and do nothing. The best way to combat the summer heat is to stay hydrated, and why not hydrate with something a little tastier than just water?

Bubble tea has taken North America by storm in the past couple of years. It's sweet and refreshing qualities make it the perfect drink to cool you down this summer. Here are some of the top places in Edmonton to grab a bubble tea: 

Here's the map: 

1. Taiwan Bubble Tea

Where: 10903 23 Ave NW #103

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This bubble tea spot serves up super refreshing drinks along with authentic Chinese snack foods.

2. Yumioca Bubble Tea

Where: 5940 104 St NW

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Some of the most delicious flavours to try here are the banana, watermelon, and Japanese match!

3. Miss Saigon Vietnemese Noodle House 

Where: 10355 78 Ave NW

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This place is so hip that they serve their bubble tea in lightbulbs! They're basically made for Instagram.

4. Gong Cha

Where: 10342 81 Ave NW

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Gong Cha offers dozens of bubble tea flavours and are definitely guaranteed to have something up your alley!

5. Dream Tea House

Where: 7912 104 St NW

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While Dream Tea House serves up some delicious bubble tea, they also serve up some even more epic desserts that you NEED to check out.

6. Chatime

Where: 10405 Jasper Ave

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Of course we had to include Chatime, since they're all over the country and SUPER popular. They have tons of drink variety so you're defintely going to find the perfect one for you!

7. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Where: 10149 109 St NW

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Along with Chatime, CoCo is one of the more popular bubble tea spots in the city. Once you see their extensive list of flavour options and taste their drinks you'll see why!

8. Boba Island

Where: 10588 100 St NW

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Boba Island's bubble tea is freaking delicious, and so are their frappes! They also deliver on Skip The Dishes, so you don't even need to leave your home!

9. Bubbletopia 

Where: 16761 91 St NW #205

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Bubbletopia not only has a fantastic name, they also have fantastic drinks. From hot tea, to cold tea, to slush tea, and everything in between, they've got it at.