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This Map Will Take You To All The Best Pizza Joints In Edmonton

Because there's never a bad time for pizza.

In all my life, I can honestly say that there's probably never been a time where I would turn down a piece of pizza. Pizza is a cureall. It can make you happy when you're sad, and happier when you're already happy. It tastes great any time of day, and you can load it up with whatever toppings you want.

Maybe I'm biased, but I think a lot of people would agree with me; especially Edmontonians. Strangely enough, Edmonton actually happens to be known for it's amazing pizza scene, but we're not complaining at all!

Because of our pizza addiction, we've devised a map that will take you to just a few of the cities' most amazing pizza joints! Next time you've got a craving, check them out:

Via Google Maps

Destination One: Versato's Pizza

Where: 12753 50 Street NW

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Versato's has been dubbed home of Edmonton's thickest pizza, and we know you can't wait to grab a slice. It's not quite like Chicago Deep Dish, as the crust is not too thick, nor to thin. What makes the pizza so great is that it's layered heavily with toppings and tomato sauce to give it that amazing, addictive taste!

Destination Two: Tony's Pizza Palace

Where: 9605 111 Ave NW

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Tony's has been voted Best Pizza in Edmonton, and we definitely understand why. Many people recommend Sal's Deluxe as the best kind of pizza on the menu, but we think that everything is worth trying at least once! Tony's is also known for their frequent amazing service, making for an even better experience!

Destination Three: LOVEPIZZA

Where: 10196 109 Street NW

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LOVEPIZZA is a favourite for many Edmontonians, not just for it's amazing food, but also for it's great service that always comes with a smile! They've got all kinds of unique menu items, like Mac & Cheese Pizza, or Peaches & Cream! You can also customize your order to your liking, so you'll never be disappointed.

Destination Four: Die Pie

Where: 11215 Jasper Ave

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If you're a vegan, but still want to get your pizza fix, then you need to come to Die Pie. This spot is all vegan, but even meat lovers admit that they're obsessed! Their meat substitute options taste amazing; you'd never be able to guess that they're not real!

Destination Five: Pizza 38

Where: 5403 38 Ave NW

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Pizza 38 seems to get nothing but good reviews on everything from the quality of their crust and the freshness of the toppings they put on their pizza, to the relationship the owners have with customers! If you're craving something extra, they've also got amazing fried chicken on the menu!

Destination Six: The Stone & Wheel Pizzeria

Where: 17 Fairway Drive NW

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The Stone & Wheel is another one of those places that really lets you customize your order. The pizza is thin crust, but gets loaded high with all the most delicious toppings you could dream of, and the price is super great! Definitely worth a visit, or twelve.

Destination Seven: Monty's Pizza & Steakhouse

Where: 1027 Potter Greens Dr NW

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Monty's is another spot that's been named #1 in Edmonton, and people have claimed they would MOVE to Edmonton, solely for this pizza. Fans say that the crust is the best part, but the toppings and sauce also make for an added amazing experience.