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This Map Will Take You To All The Best Taco Spots In Edmonton

Celebrate Taco Tuesday every day!

Cinco de Mayo may have just passed, but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate Mexican culture and treat yourself to a taco every now and then! It's no secret that Edmonton is full of great Mexican spots, but how often do you take advantage of them?!

We've taken the liberty of making a map for you, consisting of all the best taco spots in Edmonton that you NEED to visit. If you want to hit all seven in one day, more power to you, but you can also pick and choose different ones on different days!

No matter if it's Taco Tuesday, or you've just got a craving, you're never short of options! This map doesn't cover every last one, obviously, but it's definitely some of our favourites. Text your friends, and start planning your next taco date ASAP!

Destination One: El Rancho Spanish Restaurant

Where: 11810 87 Street NW

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El Rancho is a great way to start off this YEG Taco Tour! Here you'll find some authentic Mexican tacos and other Mexican cuisine that's not only delicious but totally picture perfect!

Destination Two: Tres Carnales Taqueria

Where: 10119 100a Street NW

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Tres Carnales is another spot you need to visit at least once; they sell some of the best authentic Mexican street food that you'll find in the city! Whether you make a trip there on Taco Tuesday, or for a Friday night pre-game, you'll totally have a great experience.

Destination Three: Julio's Barrio Mexican Restaurant

Where: 10450 82 Ave NW

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If you're the type that likes a nice boozy drink with your tacos, you'll want to make a pit stop at Julio's. They're one of my personal favourite spots, and they have some of the best bulldogs you can get your hands on. The service is always great, and the food is even better!

Destination Four: El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

Where: 8230 Gateway Boulevard

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Taco Tuesday, or Tequila Tuesday? El Cortez has it all! If you're planning a night out with your crew, and want to be sure you get great food, drinks, and entertainment then you HAVE to head to El Cortez. They have what's probably the best selection of tequila in the city, and just overall great vibes.

Destination Five: Tacos on Whyte

Where: 8123 104 Street NW

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Ever wondered what a taco poutine might taste like? Well at Tacos on Whyte, you can find out! Their food is always incredibly fresh, and they do what they can to make tacos as healthy as possible! The spot is located on Whyte Ave, so you can drop in during a day of exploring!

Destination Six: Huma Mexican Comfort

Where: 9880 63 Ave NW

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The beauty of Huma is that it really does taste like home-cooked comfort food. The restaurant itself looks like someone's kitchen and is super welcoming, and the food will leave you feeling more than satisfied; you'll definitely be back again for another visit.

Destination Seven: The Three Amigos

Where: 4035 106 Street NW

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If you're looking to switch it up from traditional tacos, be sure to visit The Three Amigos! Here you can try cool concoctions, like Lobster or Arrachera tacos! They've also got a ton of other super tasty menu items to try, every Taco Tuesday of the year.