Coffee shops are one of the best places. Whether you're going there to catch up with an old friend, to get some work done, or simply just to get that cup of joe to go, a coffee shop is always a reliable haven of roasted coffee beans and baked goods. One of the best parts about coffee shops is that there are so many different and unique varieties of them, and they're practically on every street corner! 

If you're an Edmontonian looking to branch out from your typical Starbucks or Timmies, then there's a new place in town you definitely need to check out. What makes it so special? Well, for one thing, the place is absolutely stunning. 

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It's the little touches that really bring this place to life and ensure that every single aspect of the place is aesthetic af. From the lamps to the adorable newspaper menus, this place is absolutely gorgeous. It's the perfect place to grab a classic coffee shop insta!

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I know what you're probably thinking.. "Ok this place looks nice and all, but how is the food and coffee?". One word: Perfection. They serve a full menu from breakfast to dinner, from coffee to cocktails. So whatever time of day it is, you can head on down to this place and admire its beauty!

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Want to know where this place is? It's called Wilfred's, and it's your new favourite spot. They're located at 10429 121 St NW, and they're open from 8 am - 11 pm Tuesday to Sunday.