Just this last Wednesday, on May 16th, the city of Edmonton said hello to it's newest and brightest art installation! The piece is called 'Happy Wall' and it was created by a Denmark artist named Thomas Dambo. Edmonton is the first city in Canada to host this art piece, and it will remain here until May of 2019.

The piece is designed to revitalize construction sites, and has been placed in Winston Churchill Square in hopes of keeping patrons busy and occupied through the Valley Line LRT development, as well as through any other revitalization projects in the area!

With it's massive size, and bright colours, this piece sure will be hard to miss. Basically, 'Happy Wall' is comprised of hundreds of mini doors, and behind those doors are different coloured squares! Anyone who passes by is welcome to open and close the doors, creating their own unique message to share with the rest of the city!

Since it's unveiling, Edmontonians have taken to Instagram to show off their art skills. Here are some of our favourites:

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Source: Edmonton Sun