Have you always wanted to swing from tree to tree, looking dozens of feet down at the ground below and manoeuvring your way around cool and unique obstacles? Wait... am I talking about Tarzan or am I talking about this super cool suspended adult playground in Edmonton? Trick question, because you can play at this suspended adult playground AND feel like Tarzan at the same time! 

Don't believe me? Think high ropes courses are meant for children? Ha. Think again. This is serious business. 

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Where else are you going to bike across a narrow platform suspended in the air? Unless you're certifiably nuts, then probably nowhere else! They also have a kayak section, an RV section, and lots more. 

It's the perfect way to get outside, have fun with friends, and practice your strength, agility, and balance. I promise you this is the most fun you can have while in a harness wedgie. 

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Where can you do this, you ask? Snow Valley Ski Club. They open for the season on May 19, and you can book your aerial park adventure here

Find them at 13204 45th Ave NW, Edmonton.