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Top 21 Edmontonians With The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Instagram Accounts

Social media has become a huge part of our lives whether we like it or not since it allows us to showcase our life in photos while throwing a filter on it. It's cool because it also allows users to be in control of their creativity plus meet new people, especially on Instagram. It's funny because nowadays, we know people based off of their Instagram handle as opposed to their first name. I think we can all think of a time where this has happened and honestly, have no shame. we are in the millennial period for crying out loud!

Aside from all the selfies and photos of food from local hot spots, we have come across numerous Instagram accounts that are easy on the eyes in terms of lighting, lifestyle, outfits, local sceneries and well, aesthetic really. The following accounts listed below channel each concept and take it to a whole nother level. Don't believe us? Have a look below and give each user a follow and like away!

via @kadydane

1. Kady Hobbins

via @antonatienza

2. Anton Atienza

via @reddangelo

3. Redd Angelo

via @uhmlady

4. Lady Divine

via @lauradaniellec

5. Laura Chin

via @rrroanne

6. Roanne Mendoza

via @kurtbugasto

7. Kurt Bugasto

via @ezrajeffrey

8. Ezra Jeffery

via @iamkeefe

9. Ian Keefe

via @mmegankathleen

10. Megan Marrinan

via @lordski

11. Dapo Ski Erinle

via @manlapazandrew

12. Andrew Manlapaz

via @axxyola

13. Angel Yola

via @imalyssalau

14. Alyssa Lau

via @thisisjoiem

15. Joie

via @aliwanagg

16. Ann Nicole Liwanag

via @andieriera

17. Andrea Riera

via @myclosetjourney

18. Robin Jones

via @theprettysecrets

19. Sandy Joe Karpetz

via @overmystyledbody

20. Lyndsey Smith

21. Sammy Gardner

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