Whether it is a pit-stop, or a 24-hour layover, don't let things like that ruin your mood. Especially when the pit-stop/layover is in Edmonton. With the city constantly developing, there's always something to do and we guarantee you won't be bored. 24 hours may be a day long but really, time goes by much quicker when you are are being productive. And what we mean by productive, we really are referring to fun.

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Maybe this article can inspire a real-life game where visitors challenge themselves to this 24-hour bucket list.  Whoever comes up with the best activities, wins a prize. We are still unsure of what the prize will be so let's just hop off that topic and get back to the good stuff. Whether it's a layover, delay, or you need something to do, check out all the things you must do if you have 24 hours in Edmonton.

11 am - Little Brick

Start off your morning with some breakfast at Little Brick which is both a cafe and general store located in the heart of Edmonton. Little Brick strongly believes that delicious food can be locally sourced and handmade in their cute kitchen. After you indulge in you meal followed by finishing your fresh brewed coffee, you'll be ready to start the day ahead.

Other breakfast and brunch spots to try:

  • Highlevel Diner
  • Urban Diner
  • New York Bagel Cafe
  • Under The High Wheel
  • Cafe Bicyclette
  • Cafe Mosaics

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1 pm - Ice Castles 

Regardless of the time of day, the Ice Castles in Edmonton are always a good idea and, it makes for the best photo ops. Not only can you post them on Instagram, but you can look back at that one time you spent 24 hours in Edmonton. Hurry up though, they are running until March 15th.

Other spots to check out:

  • Legislature Grounds
  • Muttart Conservatory
  • Devonian Botanical Garden
  • Skating at Victoria Park

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2 pm - Hit up the world's biggest shopping mall

Imagine a shopping mall with a water park, hotel, theme park, waterpark and movie theatre all crammed into one. We suggest you plan this one out for you could be there for a few hours for every spot is a temptation. If you are going with a friend, please stick together and make sure to bring your phone charger since you may need to charge up before you lose each other in this monstrosity of a mall.

Other malls to check out:

  • Southgate Shopping Center
  • Kingsway
  • Millbourne Market Mall
  • Old Strathcona Antique Mall
  • South Edmonton Common

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3 pm - Escape City

Try out a new concept in Edmonton where your team-building strategies to the test. It's where participants are locked inside of an escape room and must come up with ways to escape the room before time runs out. You never know, there could be a zombie apocalypse in Edmonton and somebody needs to be the leader, so why not you take on the role? This concept works best with friends, so make sure you're not alone during your 24-hour stay in Edmonton.

Other fun spots to check out:

  • In Trap Escape Room
  • The Room
  • Smartypantz Escape Rooms
  • EXIT Edmonton Escape
  • Escape Emporium
  • The X Realm Escape Game

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5 pm - Happy Hour

It's that time of day, especially on a Friday: Happy Hour! Hit up CRAFT Beer Market located in the heart of Downtown Edmonton. The best part is, every Friday is $3 wine and spirits. Hopefully, you're hungry by this time. Actually, nevermind, who isn't?

Other restaurants to check out:

  • The Parlour
  • Mercer Tavern
  • The Chvrch of John
  • State & Main
  • The Next Act
  • Central Social Hall

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7 pm - Oilers Game at Rogers Place

Come on, what's a Friday night without an Oilers game? Considering the fact that they have been on a 12 game winning streak and 3 ties. With the hours going by so fast, be spontaneous and get with the winning team. If there is no hockey games at Rogers Place, check to see if there are any concerts on that day. Or hey, just walk around and check out the sick new arena!

Other events to check out at Rogers Place

  • Oil Kings game
  • John Mayer concert
  • Bruno Mars
  • Coldplay
  • Kenny Chesney

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11 pm - Strictly Goods Fridays at The Bower

After that Oilers game, head on over to The Bower on Jasper Ave and dance the night away. Bonus, Friday nights is all hip-hop! If you're tired, plot a seat in one of their many infamous arm chairs. You better have the energy, for this night can go until the wee hours... 3 am to be exact!

Other nighttime spots to check out:

  • The Chvrch of John
  • Black Dog Freehouse
  • The Pint
  • Hudson's
  • Studio 107
  • Prive
  • Society
  • Envy Nightclub
  • Avenue Downtown

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9 am - Do it all over again, at Coffee Bureau

You'll most likely have a hangover at this point so we suggest you take it easy for yesterday's events may leave you overwhelmed. With your 24 hours coming to an end, why not finish where you started: coffee and breakfast. Be sure to hit up a local coffee spot and rely on your Snapchat to remind you of what went down yesterday.

Coffee spots to check out:

  • Credo
  • District Coffee & Bakery
  • Lock Stock Coffee
  • Remedy
  • Farrow Sandwiches
  • Bru Coffee & Beerhouse