Hundreds Show Up To The First Of Several Wexit Rallies In Alberta This Month (PHOTOS)

Wexit supporters asked premier Jason Kenney to be Alberta's future prime minister.
Wexit Edmonton Rally Brings Hundreds Of Albertans Together To Fight For Separation From Canada

The 2019 federal election has officially come and gone. Walking away with a minority Liberal government and with Justin Trudeau remaining the prime minister of Canada, some Canadians are feeling deeply unsatisfied with the results. Before the election, a group of western Canadians came together to form Wexit, a separatist group rallying for the separation of western Canada from the rest of the country. The movement has garnered a lot of support, both online and off. At the Wexit Edmonton rally this weekend, hundreds of Albertans gathered to show their support.

The Edmonton rally took place on Saturday, November 2, at Edmonton's Boot Scootin' Boogie Dancehall. According to CBC News, roughly 700 people were in attendance. The packed rally is unsurprising as the group’s Facebook page as over 30,000 supporters.

The banner of the group’s Facebook page reads “If Justin Trudeau is re-elected on Oct. 21 I will be a separatist on Oct. 22.” Wexit’s leader, Peter Downing, told CBC News that support has grown significantly since the election on October 21, 2019.

The next Albertan Wexit rally will take place in Calgary on November 16 and the following will be in Red Deer on November 30. Peter Downing also used the Edmonton rally as an opportunity to put forth an open letter to Alberta's premier, Jason Kenney.

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In the open letter to Jason Kenney, Peter Downing points out the reasons why he is so passionate about Wexit, expands upon the movement's platform, and continues to tell Kenney that “The Conservative Party of Canada will NEVER AGAIN form the Government of Canada, and you will NEVER become the Prime Minister of Canada.” He follows this by asking Jason Kenney to “envision yourself as the President of an emerging Western Canadian Republic.”

Before asking Jason Kenney to consider becoming the prime minister of the west, should it separate, the letter also asks him to “legislate a referendum on Alberta’s separation from Canada.” Several other requirements are put forth in the letter, as well.

The letter from Downing to Kenney concludes with "May God bless you deeply Mr. Kenney. May God Bless Alberta. May God Save The West."

A video of the Edmonton rally shows Downing stanging before hundreds of supporters. “We’ve come together and we are going to leave together,” he says to a room full of applause. “Alberta is the best place on planet earth.”

In a public address the day following the election, October 22, Jason Kenney responded to murmurs about Alberta’s separation from Canada. He tweeted the video with the caption, “Many Albertans have spoken out about separation after the results of the federal election sunk in. While I understand why many might feel that way, I think there's a better case for a stronger Alberta in Canada.” 

In his speech, he spoke to the fact that he doesn't believe Justin Trudeau should make Albertans feel unwelcome, that Alberta does have allies in Canada, and that there is an emotional attachment to the country.

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