If you and your bae happen to live in Alberta and enjoy being active then you've found the right article. Whether you love running, diving, or engaging in some risky behaviour; you're the kind of couple who's not afraid to mix things up. With Spring right around the corner (depending on this weather), we want to start the season off with some spontaneity for you and your bae. Life can become hectic and nobody likes living in repetition, so why not turn it up a bit.

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It's 2017, and boring should not be a word in your vocabulary. We love exploring and finding unique things to do in Edmonton, especially if some of you are coupled and boo'd up! Why not spice it up and try new things, hopefully this list will give you and your s/o ideas to get your fitness on while being adventurous af. Have a look at 10 unique date ideas for couples in Alberta for couples who don't mind a little adventure.

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Rock Climbing at Vertically Inclined Rock Gym

If you and bae like a challenge involving strength, then look no further for we guarantee rock climbing will get the job done. Check out Vertically Inclined Rock Gym in Edmonton for you and bae will get a rise out of each other, literally. Your muscles will hurt, but they will thank you at the same time.

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Get corny at the Corn Maze

When we say corny, we mean it in a good way! Take a nice drive out West and check out this fun attraction where you two get to walk through a tall grass field filled with corn ears. We do not advise you to eat the corn! Before you enter the maze, grab a cup of hot chocolate and pet some of the cows as well as a few furry farmer friends. Don't forget to snap a pic!

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 Paintball night at the Edmonton Paintball Centre 

Now this one is fun! Hit up the Edmonton Paintball Centre located just north of Downtown Edmonton. Here, you and your s/o can challenge each other in combat by shooting paintballs at each other while in protective gear. If you really want to make it fun, we suggest that you invite other couples and divide into teams. Try not to take each other's eyes out though!

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Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you and your partner aren't afraid of heights, sign up for a hot air balloon ride courtesy of Sundance Balloons. We always see them soaring high in the summertime with envy, so why not make it a dream and ride in a balloon overlooking the city skyline. They'll even let you sip champagne, bonus! It will be adventurous and romantic at the same damn time. Wait until summer to book!

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Go Karting at Speeders Edmonton

Sometimes we could use a little drive in our lives, and we mean that in the most literal way possible. This activity is guaranteed to be an exciting one for you get to put your driving skills to the test. And the best part is, you get to go real fast. Hit up Speeders Edmonton where you two can embark on the best ride of your lives.

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Go white water rafting

This activity, in particular, involves a road trip. But hey, we are not complaining one bit! Drive on down to Jasper and sign up for an experience you will never forget... white water rafting courtesy of Otter Rafting. Be sure to choose a level that you and your partner are comfortable with for it will be a very bumpy ride.

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Hit up the Nakoda Ropes Course in Canmore

This one if for our competitive couples who love a good adrenaline rush. This 2-hour ropes course is not only fitted with 15 obstacles it's also elevated 30 feet off the ground. If you don't find the risk of plummetting to your death particularly romantic, maybe the view of the Rockies will.

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Participate in the Color Me Rad Marathon

We guarantee your outlook on life will be a litte brighter after participating in this year's Color Me Rad Run. You two will be more affectionate, and you'll both be living on cloud nine. You get to run in color thanks to being covered head to toe in colorful powder or the slime of your choice! Make sure you register early since this year's marathon is happening on June 10th.

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Go skiing at Edmonton Ski Club

Hit up the slopes while the snow is still out! Edmonton is known for their many ski hills and why not hit up Edmonton Ski Club mid week with your bae. It's spontaneous af and it overlooks the city. If one of you has never set foot on a pair of skis before, not to worry there are instructors who can you out.

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Segway Adventure in the River Valley

Okay, now this one looks fun af! Imagine being on a segway, going up and down through the River Valley? And the best part is that you and bae can do it together, regardless of what the weather may bring. We suggest you check online for this one for the riding times vary in terms of price.

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Road trip to Banff

If you two are really feeling adventurous, pack your bags and go on a road trip to Banff. There's nothing wrong with a little getaway trip for the both of you, especially when you both are feeling stressed af from the responsibilities that come with life itself. Just say screw it and enjoy each other's company in a different setting. Be sure to enjoy the views that Banff has to offer, as well as each others.