16 Slang Words That You Will 100% Hear In Edmonton

16 Slang Words That You Will 100% Hear In Edmonton

In all honesty, it seems that with each year that goes by, a new slang term is invented in Edmonton that all of us love to overuse. It lasts for the duration of the year or when another term comes into the scene thanks to a song (cough, cough Bad and Boujee) or a television show. No need to be ashamed of catching on to these terms, we've all done it. Don't lie.

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We want to keep this as localized as possible as well as integrate some millennial slang that we've heard or love to use. Whether it's on the LRT, or just simply walking down Whyte Avenue eavesdropping on different cliques, we've heard it! We don't discriminate when it comes to slang! So, have a look below at 16 slang words that you will 100% hear in Edmonton. Feel to come up with your own slang and let us know.


Definition: short for Alberta if you don't feel like saying the extra syllable that consists of two extra letters.


Definition: obviously the contracted version of Edmonton.

The Fort:

Definition: Fort Saskatchewan, a town north of Edmonton.

The U

Definition: short for the University of Alberta. NOT u as a person.

Mill Hoods

Definition: a suburb in south side Edmonton better known as Mill Woods.

The Dog

Definition: better known as Black Dog, a bar/pub located along Whyte Ave. They are known for their hip-hop nights on Fridays in the basement as well as their lit rooftop parties in the summertime.

The Mud

Definition: better known as the Whitemud Freeway in Edmonton aka the busiest freeway during rush hour in Edmonton. We suggest that you plan your route wisely during rush hour for we guarantee you'll be swearing up a storm if you don't.


Definition: acronym for the Edmonton's International Airport. Also comes in the form of the hashtag #yeg on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes Facebook.


Definition: short for Tim Hortons, a fast food restaurant in Canada that is notorious for its coffee and donuts.


Definition: what Edmontonians refer to Calgary as. We are pretty sure Calgarians use this term too, not just us.


Definition: referring to your friend and not necessarily your blood brother. Used commonly among Edmonton males, sometimes females.


Definition: can be a mood in reference to how you drunk you were at that party in the south side or to describe your Friday night at The Bower.


Definition: acronym for West Edmonton Mall. Feelings of anxiousness are sure to come when visiting this place since it's literally that big.


Definition: Short for bootleg (think prohibition days). This is someone dumb enough to buy alcohol for underage kids at the Superstore.

Chinced/ Chintzed

Definition: To get screwed over or ripped off. Maybe you got chinced on your last order from La Poutine and there just weren't enough cheese curds.


Definition: prompt or response to what someone said, spoken primarily by Canadians. Short for "huh" or "right."

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