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You Can Brunch And Play Games At This Insane Restaurant In Edmonton

#Brunchgoals AF

Let's be real with each other for a minute here: there is nothing on this planet quite like the iconic meal that is brunch. I mean... Eggs Benedict, Canadian bacon, smash potatoes, French toast bread pudding - what is there not to love?!

While brunch in and of itself is something to get excited enough about, there just might be something that's a tad more hype than just brunch alone. And that just so happens to be brunching while playing every super entertaining game that you can get your hands on!

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Picture it, guys. Finishing up a taste-gasmic breakfast sandwich and then playing some pool with your friends; gorging on Avocado Toast and then hopping over to experience a legit augmented climbing wall; noshing on a breakfast poutine and wrapping up your brunch life with an exhilarating racing game. The possibilities are endless, TBH.  

So where can you enjoy this awesome combo? The only place in Edmonton to offer this brunch/game life-giving combo is The Rec Room! For those who aren't familiar, The Rec Room is THE place in the city for all things VR, gaming, ping pong - the list goes on.

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Located in the West Edmonton Mall and in South Edmonton Common, The Rec Room is the perfect Sunday activity. And guys, the brunch is legit SO GOOD.I'm talking a breakfast sandwich with Canadian bacon, fried egg and smoked cheddar; a skillet with 2 fresh eggs, bacon, cheese curds, smash potatoe fries and beer cheese sauce; sweet potatoe toast with feta, a poached egg, red onion and preserved lemon yogurt; great coffee and delicious mimosas. It's a bruncher's dream come true!

What makes The Rec Room so fun? Well, this #brunchgoal destination comes with a built in activity. You can chill enjoy some coffee and when you get that second kick of energy you can play some super fun CRX or video games (or, go the more traditional route and shoot some pool/ping some pong. It's all good!).

Via The Rec Room

Whatever you're down to play (and whatever brunch adventure you're down to engage in), The Rec Room's totally got your back.Their brand new brunch menu has just been launched as well; you can check it out on their website here

For more information on The Rec Room and their new brunch menu check out their website, Facebook (South and West Edmonton), and Instagram!