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You Can Finally Get Black Ice Cream In Edmonton But Only For A Limited Time

A dark, delicious treat for the summer.

At this stage in the game, everyone knows that summertime in Edmonton is the best time. Edmonton's got delicious food to eat, fun festivals to attend, awesome spots to discover... and of course, fun adventures to go on (let's be real, who could say no to a little day trip to the World Waterpark?)

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Some people, though, are down for celebrating their summer in a slightly different way. A way that's still fun, but a little unexpected; a little less bright... but a whole lot bold.

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And, for those deliciously dark souls, Kraken Black Spiced Rum's pitch black ice cream is here to paint your summer black - in the best way possible. 

This deliciously smooth, spicy dark treat has been a smash hit all over Canada - and finally, it's Edmonton's turn to taste the darkness.

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Available for free at the Kraken Black Summer Skream truck (18+) at the upcoming Edmonton Fringe Festival, Kraken Black Spiced Rum infused ice cream will be the best thing you will eat all summer.

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And, to fully quench your dark side, Kraken Black Spiced Rum will be served at all onsite bars at the festival. Plus, the Kraken Black Summer Skream truck will have a little terrifying, interactive surprise on board for everyone - so make sure to check it out.

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The Kraken Black Summer Skream will be at the Edmonton Fringe Festival August 19 - 20 and 25 - 26, giving out this summer's darkest, most Instagrammable frozen treat for free... so you can go ahead and see exactly what unexpected tastes like. (Plus, you can always get a bottle of deliciously dark, bold Kraken Black Spiced Rum at your local AGLC).

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For more information on the newest, blackest treat, check out Kraken Black Spiced Rum on Instagram and FacebookTo keep up with where the 18+ Black Summer Skream ice cream truck will be showing up next, follow #KrakenBlackSummer.