You know those sand castles and sand sculptures you dreamed of making when you were a kid on the beach, but somehow whenever you flipped the sand bucket upside down it just crumbled (along with your hopes and dreams)? Well, apparently that wasn't the case for everyone. As it turns out, there are actually some people that are freaking geniuses when it comes o sand sculpting, and they will put your amateur "sandcastles" (lumps of sand) to shame. 

Where can you find these hidden sand wizards? They will be out creating sand masterpieces at the Sand On Whyte Festival this week and next week in Edmonton. The festival features an "intentional beach" where you can watch artists create sand carvings and sculptures, and browse the sand exhibit. Just wait until you see some of the creations from previous years: 

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Like!! What the heck!! That is just plain old SAND!! And I can't even dump a sand bucket upside down without it crumbling to pieces!! This is definitely one of the most interesting art mediums, and one of the most pain-staking and tedious for sure. 

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It's the perfect date night activity - strolling around the park oo-ing and ahh-ing at the amazing talent showcased. It will definitely inspire you to get a little creative next time you hit the beach too. 

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Sand on Whyte is located on the CP Rail land in the NE corner of Whyte Ave and Gateway Blvd. Admission is by donation, and the exhibit is running from June 29 to July 8, from 10 am to 10 pm. For more information, visit their website