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You Can Visit This 52 Acre Desert Garden Oasis In West Texas

The views are unbeatable.
You Can Visit This 52 Acre Desert Garden Oasis In West Texas

When thinking of amazing gardens, West Texas probably doesn't come to mind. But there is an amazing desert garden in El Paso that will take your breath away. The Keystone Heritage Park is an amazing place filled with tons of beautiful sights. The entire place is 52 acres wide and they have the most serene sculptures and water fountains spread throughout.

The park lets you experience the Chihuahuan desert without ever leaving the country. The desert stretches out to several states and this is the one location where you can enjoy it along with some art. You'll also run into sculptures big and small and they even have a sensory garden with tons of waterfalls and water fountains.

You will find both native and non-native plants in this giant desert garden. Some of the plants you might encounter include Salt Cedar, Russian Thistle, and Viscid Acacia. While you're there, you might run into some bird watchers, too! The park is home to 22 species that are considered to be quite rare. At times, some parts of the garden might be closed for special events but with so many things to see, you'll feel like you didn't miss anything at all.

Tickets for the garden are only $2. They are closed on Mondays but you can visit from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursdays through Sunday. If you're a fan of gardens you can also stop by this stunning rose garden or you can take a ride up to Scenic Drive for some more spectacular views.

Keystone Heritage Park is located at 4220 Doniphan El Paso, TX 79922. For more information on the park, you can visit their website here.

Keystone Heritage Park

Price: $2

Address: 4220 Doniphan El Paso, TX 79922

Why You Need To Go: This garden is an oasis in the desert. You can go in for cheap and they have 52 acres to explore.

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