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You Can Now Order Your Friends A "Tacogram" In Texas (PHOTOS)

We "shell" in love with the idea.

Finding a way to show someone that you love them in a unique way can be difficult, but rest assured, you can never go wrong when food is involved. A taco spot in El Paso, Texas is selling "Tacograms" for those who want to send a special treat to their special someone, or even a friend or family member. You don't have to wait for a holiday to arrive in order to let someone know you're thinking of them, and there's never a bad time to chow down on some tacos.

Fito's Food Truck in El Paso is offering Tacograms as a way to send someone you care about a little something "just because."

The tasty Tacograms start at $25 and include four large tacos, a baked potato, a balloon and a personalized card in a heart-shaped container. Cute!

For how much you're getting, $25 is an incredible deal! Family packs are also available and start at $30.

You'll have the choice between discada, al pastor, barbacoa and brisket for your meat. Let's hope you have your loved one's taco order down by now.

To place your order, you can contact Fito's through one of the ways listed on their official Facebook page here.

If you send or receive a Tacogram, use the hashtag #DeliveringLove in any photos you take to spread the word about Fito's adorable delivery service.

We're sure they'd appreciate it!

There's no shame in ordering yourself a Tacogram, after all, they look pretty tasty. Or, maybe whoever you sent one to will get the hint and return the favor.

It doesn't matter where you are! If your loved one lives near Fito's you can place an order to have a Tacogram delivered to them.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: On the go – they're a mobile taco truck!

Why You Need To Go: Your special someone will know you care once they receive this at their front door.