If you are on the lookout for things to do near El Paso, you should know that there are many hidden gems in the vicinity of this city thanks to it being near two borders. Not only do you have all the natural wonders of Texas, but also those of Mexico (Ciudad Juarez) and those of New Mexico, with both places being just a short drive away. For that spontaneous trip that you want to go on, a good option is definitely this incredible natural pool that is considered one of the best dive sites in the southwest of the country.

Blue Hole is a natural turquoise pool located in the City of Santa Rosa in New Mexico. Here you can float, swim, and even dive. No matter what you decide to do at this gorgeous pool of water, you will spend every moment enjoying the sun and the incredible contrast that the oasis produces in a desert landscape.

Blue Hole is a natural wonder thanks to its clear and pure waters, which are maintained at a constant temperature of 62 degrees. Absolutely perfect to cool off in. In addition, the pool's groundwater is renewed every six hours. This natural swimming hole is a part of a system of seven lakes that all connect underground, so it is not uncommon for divers from all over the country to head here to see if they can reach the bottom of the 80 ft pool. 

Although in the 1930s it was used as a fish farm, in the 70s it officially became a recreational area and since then it has become a symbol of the City of Santa Rosa in New Mexico

Blue Hole is easily accessible from I-40 and admission costs only $5 per vehicle. After parking, you will take a 2 or 3-minute walk to get to the pool. Once there, you can spend the whole day out in the water, or if you want more time to enjoy the natural spot, you can stay the night because there are accommodation and eatery options. In addition, in the Blue Hole Convention Center, you will find bathrooms to change.

Organize your day trip with family or friends and get to know this hidden jewel very close to El Paso. Blue Hole is open every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm every day, except Sundays.

Blue Hole 

Price: $5 per vehicle

Address: 1085 Blue Hole Road in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Why you should go: This 80-foot deep natural pool is perfect for swimming and floating, plus diving or snorkeling.