Beware, Texan Earthlings, soon you will be abducted and dropped into a land full of alien fun. If you love UFOs, Sci-Fi, and all things extraterrestrial, the Roswell UFO Festival this summer is the place to be. This is the only road trip that will take you from Texas to outer space!

The Roswell UFO Festival is a 3-day event happening on July 3-5. This fest will be filled with tons of music, photo ops, and activities (most of them free) for everyone.

Since Roswell is located just three and a half hours away from El Paso, and 2 hours and forty minutes away from Lubbock, this is a great place to visit if you plan to go on a road trip with your friends this July.

If you plan to stay for the three days, make sure to make housing arrangements ASAP because the fest is quite popular. 

The festival will have guest speakers, space-loving authors, live entertainment, a costume contest, a light parade, and even the cutest pet costume contest and parade. 

Family-friendly activities will also be part of the schedule. You will be learning how to create your very own alien hat and other fun crafts.

From the adorable ET to the vast alien universe of Star Wars, American Culture loves all things alien. But the city of Roswell plays an essential part in our fascination with UFO appearances beyond movies. 

In 1947 there were reports that an unidentified flying object crashed in a field in the city, which was subsequently denied by the government, creating all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Since then, Roswell became the epitome of everything alien and is even called the "UFO Capital of the World." The city is home to a UFO Museum and a planetarium that you can visit during the festival.

The festival is a loved tradition in the city of Roswell, so you'll see people of all ages, races, and backgrounds enjoying the festivities.

Everyone will be wearing costumes, hats, makeup, matching outfits with their pets, or creating their own UFO vehicles for the parades. 

Both UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike are welcome to join the fun. 

Besides the activities, parades, movie screenings, panels, and cosplay contests, you will also be able to shop alien and UFO unique souvenirs and presents and even have some awesome thematic food and drinks. 

The full schedule for the 2020 festival is yet TBA, so make sure to keep track of the updates on their website or their social pages

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Roswell UFO Festival 2020

Price: TBA

When: July 3-5, 2020

Address: Roswell, New Mexico. Exact Location TBA

Why You Need To Go: If you are ready to experience tons of alien fun, let this UFO festival near Texas "abduct" you this summer. You won't regret it.