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This Incredible Texas Trail Leads You To A Breathtaking Hidden Canyon

The wanderlust has never been so real.

If you're from Texas, there should be at least a handful of hikes on your vacation bucket list this year. The Lone Star State is filled with incredible parks that have even more stunning of hikes within them, it's just up to you to find them. Luckily, we made a list of places to hike in Texas this summer that'll leave you a little bit sweaty, but a whole lot of happy. 

Closed Canyon Trail at Big Bend Ranch State Park is 1.8 miles of pure canyon bliss.

During your hike, you'll experience an elevation gain of 396 feet and the route type is considered "out and back," so it's nothing too difficult.

With how hot Texas summers can get, you'll be sure to get a great workout in while also having an amazing time. 

The trail is near Terlingua, Texas which is quite the drive from any major Texas city, El Paso being the closest. Making the trek a single part of an entire Big Bend trip is always a fun idea.

But, if there's one thing to appreciate about The Lone Star State (and there are a lot), it's the views you'll get from any long journey you take.

During your hike, you'll see things like Big Bend's scenic River Road, the Mexican border, and the raging Rio Grande.

These are likely places you'd never come across otherwise, at least not on a typical day.

Dogs are welcome to accompany you, so long as they remain on their leashes. 

Always remember to wear the right type of gear during a trek in Texas. 

Some floors on the Closed Canyon Trail can be slippery, so hiking shoes are a must.

We can't wait to get out and explore!

Closed Canyon Trail

Price: 💸

Address: Terlingua, TX

Why You Need To Go: This trail will lead you to a magical passageway that'll make you appreciate nature like never before.

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