Whether you considered yourself a homebody before or after we all got stuck indoors, we have all been hit with the harsh reality that going outdoors isn't an option the way that it used to be. Luckily, there's a way to virtually visit your favorite Texas spots thanks to Google Earth, and there's one state park that really caught our eyes. You may have heard of it, or even been once or twice, but now you can say you've done both in a matter of minutes.

Big Bend National Park will leave you in awe whether you visit the park in person or not. Not only does visiting the park virtually keep you safe, but it also saves you money!

Save your money on park fees and splurge on a delivery from a local business instead. 

Opening your computer to the great outdoors doesn't cost you a penny and you and your quarantine buddies can gather around just one and experience the park's terrain at the same time.

There are no worries about whether or not you'll get lost from your pack, especially when you're all on the same couch. 

Grab some snacks you wouldn't normally bring to a state park and visit Google Earth for an eventful, scenic day indoors.

Big Bend National Park is somewhere that typically takes a lot of driving no matter what Texas city you're from, so, when restrictions start to get lifted and it's safer to go outdoors, consider using Google Earth to tour the park regardless!

When wanderlust starts to creep up on you, remember that there are ways to silence it that don't require you to go outdoors at all.

Big Bend National Park Virtual Tour

Price: Free

When: Always

Address: Big Bend National Park, TX

Why You Need To Go: The thing is... you don't have to go anywhere! You can relax indoors while enjoying the views of Big Bend from your computer screen.