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Election Day In Canada First Time Voter Photos That Will Make You So Proud

If you're somehow unaware, there is a big ol' election taking place in Canada on Monday, October 21, 2019. Canadians are granted the right to vote when they turn 18 years old and officially become adults. With the federal election taking place, a number of first time voters have stepped up to cast their votes at polling stations around the country on election day in Canada.

The election has been a wild ride for the last couple of months but these first-time voters might give you a little hope and restore (or elevate) your faith in your fellow Canadians. From teenagers posting photos of themselves voting to parents posting gleaming shout-outs to their children for voting for the first time, these proud and patriotic voters will give you a positivity boost.

Voting is a massive privilege and a powerful feeling. If you remember the first time you ever voted, you might remember how it felt to slip your ballot in the box for the first time ever. 

It's impossible to predict how things will turn out for the 2019 Canadian federal election, but it's both exciting and inspirational to see these new voters doing their thing at the polling stations. Here are nine photos of first-time voters that will make you proud.

This Proud Jagmeet Singh Supporter

Dropping Her Ballot in the Box for the First Time Ever

This Voter Who Went to the Polls for the First Time While in the Womb

A Proud Mama and Her First Time Voter

This First Timer Encouraging You to Get Out and Vote

A New Voter Who Just Missed the Cutoff in 2015

A Supportive Older Sister for Her Bro's First Vote

An Advanced Vote During a Family Outing

Permission to Complain About the Country for the First Time Ever

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