Netflix Users Think "Eli" Is The Best Horror Movie Released This Year

Finally something that's actually scary!
Eli Netflix Canada Is The Best Horror Movie

It takes a lot to please horror fans, especially when a lot of the movies and series start to all have the same storyline, but Netflix seems to be hitting the horror spot this October and fans are noticing. Most recently Netflix users are obsessed with Netflix Original Eli. Eli on Netflix is the best horror movie released this year

It all started with the reveal of their Netflix and Chills campaign in September where they announced their upcoming movies and series to celebrate Halloween. While content like Marianne,In The Tall Grass, and Fractured were all huge hits back at the beginning of the campaign, Eli has completely taken over. 

Before the film was even released on October 18, it was slated to be a huge hit because the production had the same producers as the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House

Eli follows, "A sick young boy (and his parents) who check into a massive and seemingly deserted medical facility in order to receive an experimental treatment, only to discover that the eerie old mansion may, in fact, be haunted." 

It sounds like your everyday haunted mansion-esque movie, but twitter users are letting us know that that's not the case. There are apparently plot twists and turns that'll leave us questioning everything.

The last few days have been filled with fans constantly praising the film for its horror techniques. 

One fan was blown away by the movie's plot twists tweeting, "Ya'll seen that Eli movie on Netflix? Plot twist after plot twist lol. You'll never guess that ending." 

But that user wasn't the only one impressed with the plot twists, "That movie Eli on Netflix is something tf else did not expect that plot twist." 

There were also several tweets about how scary the film was, with someone even saying it made them scared of their own house, "Eli on Netflix be having me like *eye emoji* in the house."

Someone even said this was the first time they were scared by a horror movie in a long time, "eli on netflix is SO GOOD the first time in ages a horror has scared me a little and the plot is great 10/10." 

There were even recommendations on how to make your experience even scarier, "watched a creepy film last night on Netflix called Eli. Perfect for watching on your own, in the dark, esp at this time of year."

If you're someone who's into horror, then Eli is definitely for you. You can watch the film on Netflix Canada here

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