Elizabeth May Compared The Canadian Oil Industry To Blockbuster Video

She said the industry is not a safe bet anymore.
Elizabeth May Compared The Canadian Oil Industry To Blockbuster Video

It's no secret that the Green Party isn't a fan of oil. Elizabeth May made her feelings very clear during a press conference. She even compared the entire industry to a relic from our childhoods.

During a May 6 press conference, the Green Party leader told reporters that betting on the future of oil is comparable to betting on the future of a once-popular video-rental business.

"Just as much as Blockbuster Video thought it had a solid business proposition, until Netflix came along, that’s the kind of disruption we’re seeing in the energy sector," May said, "And betting on Blockbuster Video right now would not be a good way to spend our money."

May followed up her statement saying that she believes workers in the oil industry should be helped and that efforts should be made to diversify Alberta's economy.

"Alberta, of all the provinces in Canada, has hands-down the best potential for solar energy," she said.

May also said that an estimated 10 percent of the orphaned and abandoned wells in the province have the potential to produce geothermal energy.

In a bold statement, May even plainly said, "oil is dead." The phrase was later sent out on the Green Party Twitter account.

"Retrain. Retool. Recover. Crude prices are crashing and Big Oil is looking for bailouts," the tweet reads.

"We can’t prop up dying industries and its millionaire CEOs. We need to help energy workers and transition them to the green economy. Now, before it’s too late."

During his daily press conference, Prime Minister Trudeau was also asked about May's comments.

He expressed his disagreement with the Green Party Leader's comments.

"I don't share that assessment," Trudeau said.

"I know that if we are to move forward in transforming our economy, toward lower emissions and cleaner processes, workers and innovators in Alberta and across the country in the energy sector are going to be an essential part of that transformation," he said.

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