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Elizabeth May Reveals Why She Decided To Step Down As Canada's Green Party Leader

She's announced her interim replacement.
Elizabeth May Resigns As Green Party Leader At Parliament Hill & Announces Replacement

Elizabeth May has officially announced that she will be stepping down as the leader of the Green Party. The announcement that Elizabeth May resigns was made today, November 4, 2019, at Parliament Hill after May met with two other caucus members, Paul Manly and Jenica Atwin.

Elizabeth May has been the leader of the Green Party of Canada since 2006 and, according to CTV News, has been speaking openly about her potential of stepping down before the next election in 2023. Since the 2019 Canadian federal election just passed, May has decided to step down as leader and has named her interim successor as Jo-Ann Roberts.

Elizabeth May is planning to say on as the member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands. May's replacement, Jo-Ann Roberts, is described on the Green Party's website as an award-winning journalist and former host on CBC Radio for decades. She was a candidate for the Green Party in Victoria in the last federal election and is now the acting Green Party leader of Canada. According to CTV News, Elizabeth May “wanted to choose her own time in going, at a time when the party had momentum,” and it seems that time has come as May has officially stepped down.

Prior to May’s meeting at Parliament Hill, she tweeted out saying that today is a “Historic day for Greens!” Continuing to say “We will hold our first press conference as a caucus of three! 12:30 on Parliament Hill.”

In her announcement, the former leader explained that she isn’t stepping back from politics as a whole. “I don’t feel that I’m actually leaving. I’m not leaving national politics, I’m not leaving the Parliament of Canada, and I do hope to continue to play a constructive role,” she said. She continued to encourage anyone who voted Green to “help us pick our new leader. Speak up for what you want to see.”

When asked by a member of the press what her greatest achievement as the Green Party leader was, May responded: “I’ve always kept my word and I’ve never lied and I think that’s important.”

The Green Party tweeted a warm message for May, writing, “We want to take this time to express our love and gratitude for Elizabeth, the fearless leader who inspired millions and grew our grassroots movement into a powerful political contender.” They then encouraged Canadians to send messages of thanks to Elizabeth May, sharing a link to an online form for the public to submit messages to May.

The tweet includes an image that reads, “Breaking! Elizabeth May steps down as leader. After a historic election and impressive breakthrough, she has decided it’s time to for a new era of Green leadership. Thank you Elizebeth for all your hard work. We couldn’t have done this without you!”

There will be an official leadership vote to determine who will become the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. May encourages everyone to speak up and get their voices heard during that time.

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