Elizabeth May Dishes On Andrew Scheer's Election Bet Debt (EXCLUSIVE)

She has high expectations.
Elizabeth May's Election Bet With Andrew Scheer Will Be Forgiven

In her election night speech, Green Party leader Elizabeth May revealed that along with winning a historical three seats in the house of commons the other good news was that Andrew Scheer owed her $50. Thanks to Elizabeth May's election bet with the Conservative leader, she could walk away from the election a little bit richer, but instead, she's choosing to forgive. 

May had first mentioned the wager in her post-election speech and while she had a joking tone the bet is very much real. In an exclusive interview with Narcity, Elizabeth May revealed that the bet was made backstage following the English leaders' debate.

During the debate, one of May's biggest one-liners of the night was telling Andrew Scheer, with all due respect, that he wouldn't be prime minister. "Afterwards [Andrew Scheer] said I'll bet you anything you're wrong," May told Narcity. "I said, real bet? He said yeah, five bucks. I said make it 50, so we shook on it. 

When asked if she has received her $50 yet, May said that Andrew Scheer hasn't made any attempts to pay up yet but she doesn't actually want him to. 

"I think when we see each other we'll probably joke about it and I'll tell him never mind," May said. "It was a bit of a lighthearted moment and I don't plan to tell him that he has to pay me 50 bucks." 

She did joke, however, that she wouldn't be surprised if Scheer held up his end of the bargain. She said, "he might take it out of his wallet with great flourish and pay me back when he sees me in Parliament, you never know!" 

Elizabeth May revealed that she hasn't heard from Andrew Scheer since election night, but he's not the only one. "I've spoken with Justin Trudeau and we've put out feelers to talk to others but so far we haven't been able to connect," she said. 

However, she is looking forward to working with them when they head back into Parliament, saying "we'll just have to do the best we can with a minority parliament with the wonderful three MPs, the two wonderful ones who join me, it will be terrific!" 

While May isn't expecting $50 from her fellow party leaders she does have some expectations of them. In a press conference on Thursday afternoon, the Green Party will be releasing their list of expectations for working with the other parties. 

So far, the party has already spoken out calling for electoral reform to end the first-past-the-post system. Their other demands will be revealed this afternoon. 

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