Canada is getting some pretty harsh criticism from a top U.S. politician. Elizabeth Warren's North Atlantic right whale protection letter called out Canada for not doing enough. This definitely doesn't make Canada look good and there could be serious consequences if the government doesn't do better.

Warren, who's a U.S. presidential candidate and senator, and Senator Edward Markey sent a letter to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that called out Canada's regulations for the protection of the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

The senators also asked for NOAA to investigate Canadian regulations because the endangered whales keep dying in Canadian waters.

"The urgency of the right whale situation demands expedited action, not delay," the senators said in the letter.

As of November 3, another whale death brought the total number of right whales known to have died in Canadian waters up to nine. There are only an estimated 411 right whales left on the planet.

Warren and Markey argue that Canadian rules and regulations for protecting right whales are less strict than ones in the U.S. and that needs to change.

"Both the United States and Canada must make rigorous and concerted efforts to save this important species," the senators said. "It is essential that we understand whether U.S. and Canadian fishermen are being held to the same high standards."

The two senators are from Massachusetts, where they said "major sacrifices" have been made by commercial lobstermen there to protect right whales.

They claim that U.S. lobstermen and fishermen are facing increased restrictions in order to protect right whales while Canada has rolled back protective regulations this year.

In August, Transport Canada lifted speed restrictions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence because no right whales had been seen but said slowdowns would be reinstated if whales were spotted again.

If Canada's regulations are shown to be less strict than those in the U.S. by the investigation, the senators believe that the U.S. government should look into restricting imports of Canadian fishery products.

Along with nine other senators, Warren and Markey both originally requested an investigation back in April 2018 but NOAA never responded and never conducted an investigation. 

Surely eyes will be on Canada now that a U.S. presidential candidate has called us out.  

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