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Aubrey Plaza Trying To Pole Dance On The Ellen Show Is Adorably Awkward (VIDEO)

She got stuck at the top of the pole and couldn't get back down. 😂

If there's one thing we love in this world, it's Ellen Degeneres. Add in our favorite character from Parks and Rec and you've got us one hundred percent hooked. Tonight, the unthinkable happened - Ellen Degeneres helped Aubrey Plaza dance like Jennifer Lopez.

On the set of her Burbank, California show, Degeneres decided it would be fun to challenge the Parks and Rec star to challenge her inner JLO. 

Ellen pushed her on, saying, "You should do a pole routine. You said you don't mind being humiliated. And I think you would be funny so I got a pole here."

As she led a reluctant Plaza front and center, she added "This is gonna be fun for all of us." We don't know about you, but we certainly loved it. 

Surprisingly Aubrey said yes and (of course) Ellen had a shiny silver pole conveniently waiting to be brought out onstage.

You've got to give Plaza props for actually trying it; the woman really put herself out there.

Sure, we've all tried mimicking her moves in front of our bedroom mirror, but actually dancing on national television is some pretty next level stuff. 

The audience erupted into laughter and applause as Aubrey began the infamous dance scene from the Hustlers movie.

As expected, she got off to a pretty - well rough start. However, she surprisingly managed to twist and climb her way pretty high up the pole.

What happened next had us rolling on the floor laughing. She got stuck - like really stuck. The audience couldn't contain themselves as she struggled to find her way back to the stage and gain footing. 

And Ellen wasn't much help either as she teased, "You're not that good at it."

All in all, it made for some great laughs and taught us we should all learn to be a little more spontaneous. Aubrey might not be a JLO in the world of dance, but she's definitely one of the greatest comedians in our book.