The Ontario government has angered a few people since coming into power, but now you can officially add Elon Musk to that list. 

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Elon Musk's company, Tesla, is suing the Ontario government after they cut the electric vehicle rebate, which was part of the cap and trade program. 

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The rebate program allowed Ontarians to get up to $14, 000 to help them buy an electric vehicle such as a Tesla. But now the rebate, and the entire cap and trade program which was focused on saving the environment, has been cut in order to lower gas prices in Ontario. 

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In response, Tesla is now claiming that the cut rebate targeted their company and has caused them to lose customers who would only have been able to buy their cars with the extra rebate. They are also alleging that they were treated differently than other car companies.

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In a lawsuit filed on August 10th, Tesla says that they are being targeted directly by the electric vehicle rebate cuts. The lawsuit is against the Ministry of Transportation specifically. 

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When the Ontario government announced that the program would be cut, they said that any cars already ordered through a franchised dealer before September 10 would still get the rebate but that doesn't apply to recent Tesla orders since they aren't a franchise dealership. 

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The lawsuit is requesting that the case is heard in a Toronto court as soon as possible, since the date that the rebate officially ends is September 10. 

Source: Electrek