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Elon Musk Sides With Texas & Demands We "FREE AMERICA NOW"

Could he be headed this way?
Elon Musk Sides With Texas & Demands We "FREE AMERICA NOW"

For many months now, billionaire Elon Musk has been looking into Texas to be the potential new home for his company's new Cybertruck factory. While he's been popping in and out of the state doing his research, he's also been keeping up with the Lone Star State's latest news. Elon Musk enjoys that Texas is reopening, as seen in his latest tweet from 1 a.m. this morning.

In a tweet from early on Wednesday, April 29, Musk shared his excitement about Texas reopening its economy.

He shared a link to an article talking about the reopening plan from Governor Greg Abbott with the simple caption "Bravo Texas!"

He then followed up his Texas tweet with an all caps message saying "FREE AMERICA NOW," clearly referencing how most US states have been under lockdown for well over a month now.

Along with this, he also tweeted another article link about states' lockdown rules with the caption "Give people their freedom back!"

Overall, every tweet gained over 19k likes, with his latest tweet hitting 109k likes and 17.3k shares by 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. 

The Tesla CEO has had his eye on Austin and other parts of Texas to open his new 'Cybertruck Gigafactory,' making him super interested in when and how Texas will be reopening for business again.

He has changed his geo-tag on Twitter to say "Austin, TX" in the recent past, revealing that he has been in the area.

The billionaire has also shared some of his company Space X's work that has been going on at Boca Chica, Texas at the SpaceX South Texas Launch Site.

On April 26 the starship underwent an ambient pressure test and passed.

Later that day, Musk shared a video of his SN4 Starship passing the cryo proof test as well and captioned it "Snowing in Texas."

Clearly the entrepreneur will not be slowing down on his efforts to get Texas involved in one or more of his multiple successful businesses.

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