Although they're usually quite exciting, celebrity sightings really aren't THAT uncommon in the grand scheme of things. But seeing two celebrities who aren't known to usually hangout in an incredibly small BC town? That's definitely a bit out of the norm. Elon Musk's Metchosin visit with Owen Wilson is making the British Columbia town freak out.

Over the recent August long weekend, Wedding Crashers and Zoolander actor Owen Wilson was spotted out and about the small town of Metchosin, British Columbia with SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk.

spotted in Metchosin.. Elon Musk


Photos of Musk at Bilston Creek Farm have been circling the internet, and it's been reported that Wilson was also with him. When asked about the celebrity visit, the co-founders of the farm said that they weren't allowed to release any details about what the unusual duo was doing in the area and that they want the lavender farm to be "a safe and quiet place for everyone" according to CTV News.

Wilson was also spotted out around town at Hatley Park Shopping Centre around 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, as well as at the Victoria Harbour Airport, where a fan managed to snag a photo of him.

"What an exciting thing to be able to attract people from all over the world to come to a little quiet town in south Vancouver island,” said Ben Drury to CTV, when asked how he felt about the rare double celebrity sighting in the town.

Although it looks like they both enjoyed their trip, neither Musk nor Wilson stuck around Metchosin for too long. CTV News Vancouver reported that both stars flew from Victoria to Vancouver on Monday afternoon, but who knows? They could be back for a visit ASAP, especially if they really are working on a top-secret project at Bilston Creek Farm!